Founding Members


Dr Jamiu.O. Busari (MD, MHPE, PhD, CCPE)

Project leader and Senior researcher


Jamiu Busari is a consultant Paediatrician at the Horacio Oduber Hospital, Aruba (HOH), and joined the department of pediatrics at HOH on the 1st of January 2020. Before that, he was the former Department Chair and Program Director of Pediatrics at Zuyderland Medical Center, Netherlands. His area of focus is general and adolescent pediatrics with special interests in psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, and obesity.

Jamiu is a Maastricht University alumnus, a Harvard Macy Scholar, and an HBS executive education graduate in Managing Health Care Delivery. He is an associate professor of medical education at Maastricht University and the Dean of Health professions education at the HOH Academy.

Founding Members

Alexandra Mendoza (MSc)

Physical Activity and Social Media

I have always wanted to help my island become healthier and live a more active life. Therefore it is important to teach our children how to do this, and this is exactly what “Jump 18” is all about. Teaching the younger generation how to be more active, healthier and reduce the risks of diseases.

Monique Bagheri (MSc)

Pediatic Physical Therapist 

I was born and raised in Aruba and very proud to be Aruba’s first Pediatric Physical Therapist. Helping children grow, learn and expand their motor skills and abilities is my passion. I chose to be a part of this wonderful team because of the amazing initiative to help children lose weight while having fun and learning about a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to help Aruban kids be happy AND healthy

Samantha Schwengle (MSc)

Research, Nutrition and Social Media

I want to help children in Aruba to learn about having a healthy relationship with nutrition and physical activity. This is something I struggled with as a child. Furthermore, I notice that a lot of the non communicable diseases in Aruba, for example diabetes and CVD, are preventable and we need to do something about it.

Amy van der Linden (MSc)

Project Manager (Past member)

Many factors in the Aruban environment make it challenging for children to lead a healthy lifestyle. JUMP18 is important to me because it recognizes the complex nature and consequences of childhood obesity. We need to shift our focus from treatment to prevention so that healthcare can remain affordable. Therefore, enabling children to live a healthy life is essential for their future and ours.

Paola Tello (MSc)

Research, Nutrition and Epidemiology (Past member)

Since childhood, I continuously saw the increase of fast-food restaurants on our beautiful island. Till today, inhabitants of Aruba are constantly exposed to highly processed foods, which make them vulnerable to poor nutritional choices and susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Therefore, by promoting healthy dietary patterns and the importance of physical activity through JUMP18, I want to achieve healthier lifestyles for children and their parents.

Management Team

Dr Jamiu.O. Busari (MD, MHPE, PhD, CCPE)

Project leader and Senior researcher

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Fleur de Groot (Msc)

Policy officer 

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Danique Lande (Bsc)

Casemanager & Group coordinator

Administrative work

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Paula Besselink

Medisch Secretaresse 


Sandira Bislip (Bsc)


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Lyanne Maduro (Bsc)


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Denisse Arends (Msc)



Nichole Kock (Bsc)


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Miozottis Nuñez Maldonado


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Danique Lande (Bsc)

Casemanager & Group coordinator

Sport Coaches

Juliandrah Rodriguez

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Angel Maduro

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-08 at 21.11.42

Judie Maduro

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Bart Kool

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Floor Schouten

Yoga Instructor

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Godelinde Lauffer (Bsc)

Children’s yoga and meditation instructor

Research Team

Dr Jamiu.O. Busari (MD, MHPE, PhD, CCPE)

Project leader and Senior researcher

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Dr Esmee Venema

Arts Onderzoeker

Gerani Cheuk A Lam, (MSc)

Researcher and PhD candidate, JUMP18

Samantha Schwengle, (MSc)

Researcher social media

Past members

Charlene Leslie (BSc)

Core member

Anna Celia Proveyer

 Sport coach

Amy van der Linden (MSc)

 Project manager

Myron Ras

 Sport coach

Noemi Haddocks

Case Manager

Eva Pols (BSC)

Social Worker (in training)

Robert Dijkhoff

Sport coach (intern)

Paola Tello (MSc)

Research, Database and Epidemiology

Indra Ras-Flanegin

Pediatric Nurse

Fransline Lamothe


Stella Orman-Arends

Administrative Coordinator

Noor Mohamad

Dietician (intern)

Joanne Werleman

Dokters assistent

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